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Mr.Da-Nos (CH)
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House & Electro
MR.DA-NOS - DJ/Producer/Remixer
(from 2009 also produced & remixed at Clamore Project Recording Studios)

With more than 100 songs, including 27 albums, is Mr.Da-Nos represented in the Swiss charts, making it one of the most successful Swiss DJs, Producers and remixers. As an important opinion leader in the dance music genre, he has sold more than 500,000 records and has won the first Swiss DJ # 1 on the dance charts.

With more than 200 concerts per year, he is considered most often booked DJ in Switzerland and with his live performances, the longest range, recorded about 45.000 end consumers per month. The Swiss DJ knows his fans to enjoy with excellent music and is a guarantee of exceptional events and campaigns. Its popularity extends far beyond the music industry.

He is highly sought after testimonial from renowned brands, has already received two nominations for the Swiss Music Awards, and is already 2 times been named one of the most prominent Swiss from who-is-who Magazine. With its enormous motivation, his talent and wealth of ideas Mr.Da-Nos will determine not only at national but also at international level remains the future of house music.
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